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Is your home too small for everything you have? There is nothing more frustrating than not enough space to store all your stuff. You end up not being able to find anything among the disorganisation. What a waste of time when you could be spending your time better. Here are some storage ideas for small spaces on a budget to help inspire you to be creative in your own home.

Under bed storage

Your bedroom can be a room where space is at a premium. Use the space under your bed to store things. Use plastic storage boxes or bags to store the things you use the least. This is a convenient place to store extra blankets, linen, pillows and doonas. Use them in the kids’ rooms for toy storage.

Storage bags and boxes are inexpensive. Use them to store away anything, anywhere they fit.

Under the bed storage for small spaces

Source: Rubbermaid Products used under Creative Commons Licence 2.0

Create storage space behind the couch

Move your loungeroom furniture off the wall about 35 to 45 cm to use this space for storage. Get a narrow hall table to fit in the space behind the couch. Use it to store magazines and books along the bottom and stylishly decorate the top with your favourite things.

Do not have the money to buy a hall table? That is alright. Stack boxes behind your couch to store clothes, paperwork, office supplies, and anything else you can store away. Throw a rug over it all and stylishly decorate the top.

Coffee table storage

Buy a coffee table for the lounge rom that doubles up as storage. There are all different kinds from those with built-in magazine racks to ones with drawers to store CDs and DVDs, and even the remote control while you watch tv.

If you already have a coffee table without drawers or a shelf, use beautiful baskets or boxes under the coffee table for magazines and books, and anything else you need. These are easy to keep neat and tidy while adding style or colour to your room.

Coffee table storage small spaces

Source: used under Creative Commons Licence 2.0

Add shelves above the doors

A very simple, quick, cost-effective trick is to add a shelf above your doors. Use a floating shelf or get a ready-made one. They are quick to install. Even try making one yourself with some wood, brackets, screws and paint. These can give you a little extra space to store some things and brighten up a room.

Use your windowsill

Your windowsills make great storage places if they are wide enough. Grow herbs in the kitchen or small plants on any windowsill. Decorate your windowsills with a stack of books, flowers, candles, and decorative pieces. Using your windowsills as storage brightens your home from inside and out.

Buy a coatrack

Coatracks are an excellent storage idea for small places on a budget. But, they do not have to look cheap. They can slip into a secluded corner near a window or door to hold coats, hats, scarves, umbrellas and other outdoor things. Even add a shoebox underneath to store outdoor boots and sneakers neatly. A coatrack can even dress up a dark corner.

Source: hobvias sudoneighm used under Creative Commons Licence 2.0

Now you have a few storage ideas for small spaces on a budget, organise your disorganised space.




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