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No matter where you live, there is no assurance that the weather will be as you’d expect it to be on the news. Though meteorologists do put in a lot of effort to help everybody out, it just doesn’t go well sometimes. As funny as it seems, the conditions surprisingly doesn’t favour anyone who has a big day ahead of them – such as moving to a new home.


If you’ve packed your stuff and are ready to relocate, the worst thing to experience is rain pouring down on you – a hundred times more disastrous when it soaks your furniture and appliances during the move. Not only will you be crying because of damaged stuff, but you’ll have a terrible time cleaning them up in your new home instead of enjoyably arranging them.


Of course, no one would like to experience this kind of situation. That’s why we have a couple of essential tips for you to make sure none of these unpleasant things happens when relocating during a storm.

Relocation Tips During Storms:


Examine the Moving Van for Leaks

First and foremost, you need to inspect where you’re going to place your things when you move. Even though you are guaranteed by the company that the moving van is waterproof and reliable, checking it twice isn’t wrong. If you do inspect a few holes which can leak water inside, better cover it with tape.

Get Moving Blankets and Plastic Wraps

One of your priorities is to make sure that all your valuable things get their fair share of protection. Think about it, spending a few hundred dollars to make sure that your computer, television and other electronic devices won’t get any damages during the trip saves you more money than getting them repaired and cleaned up after the trip.

Buy loads of moving blankets so assure that all your furniture and appliances remain dry. Other than keeping your possessions away from moisture, it also adds an extra cushion to make sure nothing gets broken or scratched. Last but not least, don’t forget to wrap them with plastic as an added protection against heavy rains. The blankets may already work, but it’s always best to be safe than sorry. You don’t want wet sofas and beds when you move; it’s probably bad luck sleeping on the floor on your first day in your new home.

Ready Yourself

Yes, your belongings aren’t the only one moving out. You have to make sure that you’re ready and prepared. So, don’t forget to wear a jacket, a raincoat, and boots to keep you dry, warm, and healthy. Having a cold or a nasty flu on your first week in your new home is something you’d surely want to avoid.

Lay Down Cardboards or Old Newspapers in Your New Home

Once you’ve successfully get to your new home, it’s obvious that your feet are going to be wet – and so will be the crew who’s going to help you. As a quick solution and avoiding wetting the floor, placing old newspapers or cardboards on the hallways is an incredible solution. Not only is it fast to set up, but it’s also cheap and disposable.

Have a List of Your Things

Another thing that most people ignore when moving is a list to check all the items. Not only will you accurately know how many stuff you’ve got, but it’s also a reliable guide for you to spot if anything is missing. If you can take pictures to go with the list, that would be even better. Take a couple of shots of your possessions before being loaded into the moving van. Doing so gives you evidence that if there’s anything damaged during the move, it’s not because of you but because of the movers, and your earlier pictures are proof of it.

If You Can’t Fight the Storm, Don’t

As awful as postponing sounds, your life is still far more valuable than your things. If the storm is just too much and moving is impossible, wait for it to subside. Remember, getting you and your possessions there safely – even if it’s delayed a day or two – is the top priority.


Alternatively, of course, you can just use a Chockabox and we’ll take it to wherever it is you’re moving and it’s watertight!

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