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Moving can be a hassle and there’s plenty of things you’re bound to forget. We’ve all been there. Throwing out food because it’s been opened and won’t survive the move? Still paying for a newspaper subscription that you forgot to cancel at your old residence? Ended up keeping your neighbour’s lawnmower because you forgot to give it back? Here’s something to read that will help you avoid these awfully awkward situations during your amazingly awesome move!


Get all your records in order. This means kids school records, dental and medical records or even pet records from your local vet! If you don’t organise that paperwork, you’ll find yourself in hot water soon enough. Collect all electrical manuals and warranties, prescriptions, any moving documentation you may need and any sentimental items and keep them with you at all times.


Important document binders can be your solution for this, or making your world digital may just be the way to go! Don’t forget to change your address on all regular ID’s as well as forwarding any mail and leaving a note for your new neighbours in case they get any stray mail meant for you.

Use the opportunity of moving house; to downsize! Dispose of things you don’t need or better yet, have a little garage sale and make a quick little buck! Get rid of flammable items (You don’t want to be travelling with those.)  Do you really need 6 different slotted spoons? Or that sweet 16 plastic tiara you bought from Target? Video games, old clothes and pre-loved music CD’s all get snatched up pretty fast at yard sales, so this a chance to give your memories a new lease at life.

Packing up your house isn’t like packing up for vacation. There’s so much more to think about.
Questions you should address right now are:

Will this couch fit through that door?

Can I take this apart, fully confident that I’ll be able to put it back together?

Was this always missing a screw?

Making notes and taping them to particular items will cut your work in half. Future you will love current you. Mark boxes with fragile or not fragile and ensure that kitchen boxes are packed in last so that they’re the first boxes off the truck. This means no smashed dishes when you open them up so trust me when I say you can never be too careful.

To make things easier make an inventory list of everything you own and then put them in boxes according to which future room they will exist in. By having your new houses floor plan at the ready you can arrange the order of boxes to go into the house first as well. This may seem like a lot of work but you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache when you’re looking for that one special dish to serve up your Christmas dinner in your new home.




Check off all items from your inventory as they go onto the truck and again when they get off. There is no magical imp or fairy that scooped up and flew away with any of your things. There are only mistakes. While you may put all your belongings into the relevant boxes, it will be helpful for you to save a few essentials and survival kits, just in case there’s any hiccups with the move. Packing away a few biscuits, snacks, extra toothbrushes and toilet paper will save your sanity in the event of an unplanned circumstance.

Say goodbye to those lovely neighbours and when leaving the house don’t forget to leave your garage clicker and turn off all power outlets. We hope that you defrosted that refrigerator and checked the tops of all cupboards and shelving units, because by now, there’s no turning back.



When you arrive at your new home, check that all utilities are working, doors and locks are fully functional and document the condition of the property in case of a rental.

Finally when settling into your new home, clear the entryway and find a vantage position so you can make sure all your belongings go exactly where you want them, especially when using removalists.

A written game plan will keep them on their toes and make sure that the rumpus room couch doesn’t end up in your kitchen.

Keep your pets close for a couple days and make sure you say hello to your new neighbors, they’ll help you get acquainted with local garbage rules and unspoken laws of the street.

Everyone that’s ever had to move will testify that your fears of moving are exaggerated, but will agree that the feeling of ‘I’m never moving again!’ is a rite of moving passage. So enjoy that journey and remember to PIVOOTTT!

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