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Everyone knows that one person or couple who’s had to tough it out in a spare room during renovations, or that one person who has a house or workplace so disorderly that they can’t even sleep or work properly. This is where a self-storage option can help clear your workspace, home or office area. They can even help with the sorting and mess that comes from refurbishing a home or moving houses entirely.


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Renovations have surged back up in popularity recently, mostly due to the sea of “Do it yourself” TV shows such as The Block that make it all the more easier for the viewer or budding renovator to get a feel for what such an experience is like. For example, $30 billion was spent on renovations and moving in Australia from 2012-2013 alone. That may be all well and good, but with all this money being spent on renovations, moving and re-arranging our homes, how can you reduce your overall cost and help to put some of that money back into your bank?


The answer? Self-storage. These work by packing up all the clutter that would normally crowd a busy workspace, or renovation site, and sorting them into neat, compact solutions that are designed to keep things packed tidily and orderly. Everything from household items, office-items, personal belongings and just about everything else can be put into storage solutions. Using self-storage also makes saving money as well as time easier. For example, having all your clutter packed away neatly in storage-boxes on a busy renovation site would allow tradies and site-workers to move around easier, flow smoothly, and ultimately get the job done faster.


Self-storage solutions can turn a busy mess into almost nothing. Both physically, and mentally. Should you decide to try self-storage solutions, here’s some handy tips to help you manage the job easier.


Shop around

Before you attempt to pack everything up and start a renovation with a storage-plan, it pays to shop around and do your research. There are countless online forums, blogs, websites and even videos that offer useful advice, personal experiences, and even some of the pros and cons of different types of storage. Gather all your information into one place to simplify things for yourself, and investigate all storage solutions from your small storage boxers, mobile containers, even up to warehouse facilities for things that might get in the way more such as furniture.


Pack up your stuff neatly!

There’s nothing worse than coming out of a renovation or tidy-up, going to put all your things back in order, only to find that they’re all broken or damaged. Pack your goods into a solid-quality container, or choose a storage-solution company that has a well-established level of quality and service. Even go as far as to search the community online, or ask family and friends for advice on storage businesses. Also remember to read customer reviews and testimonials on the websites from real people!


Budget and timeframe – Be realistic!


Don’t underestimate how long a renovation or clean-up project can take, many people do it. Take into consideration potential roadblocks or hazards that could slow progress down before-hand, in order to save stress and money. Plan ahead, and calculate the time and cost of the start-to-finish job, and ask for quotes from storage vendors on the cost of a certain timeframe to store your goods.


Mobile Solutions?


Don’t just look into companies with massive warehouses to store your things in, also consider smaller, more mobile storage options. It will literally pay to keep your stuff on-site but not in the way of work by using smaller boxes, crates and other solutions. These can be bought, or sometimes even delivered straight to your door. Some companies can even pack away your things and take them to a secure storage facility for your intended timeframe, with access to your things as you need them. They might even deliver your things right back to you when your work is complete!


Always put safety first


The safety of your things that are going into storage is your priority. Ensure that they’re protected from things such as dust, debris, theft and weather-effects by choosing a safe, secure storage option, or facility if you choose to go with a storage business. Look for things such as alarm systems, CCTV and security staff for your off-site storage options. Don’t forget about things like animals, pest and vermin control. These should also be considered in safe-guarding your valuables from any potential damage. You might even choose to go as far as contents-insurance for your valuables, especially for those family memories or irreplaceable items.


In conclusion, if you’re planning to renovate, spring-clean or just tidy up an office-space, self-storage options offer an easier, simpler alternative to simply putting things aside. Don’t leave things lying around the house or garage where they could get damaged by water or dust, self storage offers safety, security, and peace of mind while you manage your renovation or clean-up project. Give us a call and we’ll help you sort your storage solutions while you renovate today!

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